As Aperitivo bar + restaurant / Ljubljana, Slovenia.




Hello again, still posting!! As you can see I am really excited about making deliveries to this online room.

Check out this beautiful and sophisticated interior design found in the heart of europe: Slovenia where the Alps meet the Mediterranean. It was designed by Nika Zupanc, -one of the most recognized slovenian designers-  in collaboration with Arhé d.o.o. architects. Nika is very well known lady specially for her furniture and product design. She graduated from the Academy of fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and started working immediatedly as an independet designer. Apparently this is the first time she does interior and personally I think she did a great job.   Today, she collaborates with great furniture companies such as Moooi and Moroso.

 Her style give us a well thought combination between masculine (within the use of concrete, wood and steel) and feminine (with the application of textiles, color and the dramatic slimness of furniture), don´t you think?



Images by As Aperitivo/ interieor by  Nika Zupanc 


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